Salmon Heading to Canada Because of Warm Waters

Surprisingly, luke warm water off the Washington shoreline is delivering the overwhelming majority of the sockeye salmon hurry out to Canadian seas, departing Puget Sound fishermen with practically vacant nets.

Based on information from the Pacific Salmon Commission, close to 2.9 million sockeye salmon happen to be captured in Canadian waters, while approximately 98,000 have been reaped in Washington from Aug. 19.

Meaning 99% of sockeye salmon have been through the Johnstone Strait around the far northern part of Vancouver Island into Canadian oceans.

Throughout a normal sockeye salmon rush, about 50% of the run goes around the southern end of Vancouver Island by means of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, placing them in U.S. seas, the Bellingham Herald revealed.

This year’s redirection rate is extraordinary. If it remains around this degree , it might be the highest diversion rate on file, dating from 1953, stated Mike Lapointe, head scientist for the Pacific Salmon Commission.

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