Sabah will Declare Three Marine Parks as Shark Sanctuaries

Sabah is scheduled to declare 3 of its marine parks as the new shark sanctuaries this 2016 in an effort to preserve the endangered marine animals, as stated by Datuk Masidi Manjun, the Tourism, Culture and Environment minister.

He declared that the marine park in Tun Sakaran located in Semporna district, the marine park in Tunku Abdul Rahman and the proposed Tun Mustapha marine park in Kudat will be confirmed shark sanctuaries.

“These marine parks encompass a total region of some 2mil hectares which is a haven for about 80% of our shark populace,” stated Masidi after introducing the My Fin My Life campaign to lessen shark fin intake and advertise long term and sustainable consumption of seafood.

He stated the move to disallow shark hunting at the marine parks will optimistically improve the shark population.
Masidi stated his ministry’s officials were finalising paperwork to be put forward at the time of the state Cabinet conference for the 3 marine parks to be declared as shark sanctuaries.

He claimed sharks, as opposed to tuna, were unintentionally trapped by fishermen in Malaysian marine environments. This mentioned that shark hunting along with the finning business do not occur in Malaysia.