Rena’s rooms Brought Back to the Surface from reef wreck

The enormous accommodation block of the destroyed container vessel Rena has spotted light for the very first time in a lot more than 2 years.

The peak half of the block was transported into Tauranga Port after the mission.

Salvors Resolve Salvage and Fire effectively brought up the top half of the vessel’s accommodation block from the sea floor and positioned it onto a transportation barge.

It’s the very first time the block has been above sea ever since the ship shattered apart on Astrolabe Reef from the Tauranga shore and sank in a storm in 2012.

A recovery procedure, supposed to eventually charge the ship’s proprietors $350 million, continues to be continuing since the ship hit the reef on October 5, 2011, which spills about 350 tons of serious fuel oil and compartment particles into the sea.