Rebreather Helmet Revolutionizing Scuba Diving

More often than not, scuba-diving apparatus appears today as it has appeared since its creation in the 1940s — a gas tank on the diver’s flipside, buckled to his or her upper body with a vest-like device, and tubes from the diver’s gas tank to the diver’s jaws. However, is that going to adjust?

A few scuba divers make use of dual tanks; some people make use of many others (for technical scuba diving); a few fix them along their corners; and rebreather scuba divers make use of technical sets, which permit them to recirculate their air flow. However, these could all be looked at versions on a theme that revolutionized little since scuba’s creation.

Rebreather Helmet Revolutionizing Scuba Diving

In spite of this, in case a brand new item idea becomes fact, this may alter. Scuba divers may well someday have the ability to leave the tanks behind, wear a headgear that appears like an ultramodern pilot’s headgear, and jump in the water. The ORB, or known as the Oxygen Re-Breather, is a stand-alone device which you put on your head. A merged scuba-diving build and full-face facial mask, the rebreather headgear is made to be used as virtually the only item of equipment, besides a couple of fins or even a weight belt to assist the diver come down.

Thomas Winship, a college student at Staffordshire University in the U.K, has designed the ORB to be composed of a number of sheets of pressure-resisting fabric, meaning the inner of the headgear keeps surface pressure. This may lessen, if not get rid of, the pressure on the interior ear that scuba divers encounter in the course of descent and ascent, pressure that retains many people from diving completely.

Oxygen Re-Breather