Racecar Submarine is Real!


What is much cooler than a cutting-edge race car? A state-of-the-art race car that could run on the underneath of the sea, a Racecar Submarine, that’s exactly what.

We might not possess everything Back to the Future II guaranteed us technology-wise, but human advancement definitely made available for it otherwise. A firm known as DeepFlight just appeared with a completely submersible automobile referred to as the Dragon, and this is just what it appears like:

Racecar Submarine 2

The Dragon is created as an easier-to-use substitute for the firm’s Super Falcon, a submersible that enables you to “fly” in the water. After an efficient run at a Monaco luxury yacht display some time ago, the group chose to provide you with a lighter vehicle that virtually anyone could obtain and drive themselves without substantial expertise.

In the course of an electric aircraft seminar shortly after, DeepFlight creator and main technology official Graham Hawkes observed the work being completed on air quadcopters and understood he can make a model of it for under the ocean. That was the aha minute that resulted in the Dragon’s development.

Racecar Submarine 3