A Plastic Ocean – the Upcoming Adventure Documentary

A Plastic Ocean is the forthcoming escapade documentary by Australian reports correspondent, producer and underwater lover, Craig Leeson. He’s partnered up with World Freediving Champion and environmentally friendly activist, Tanya Streeter, to produce a film which delves into the disastrous effects our throw-away lifestyles bring to the world’s ocean waters.

Captured in a lot more than 20 areas over 4 years, Craig, Tanya and a global team of explorers and scientists have been employed to catch the substantial damage a result of the 8 million tons of plastic thrown out into the world’s ocean waters yearly.

They also investigate the problems of microplastics , little particulates of plastic which come from a number of sources like toothpaste, beauty products and industrial procedures along with the breakdown of bigger pieces of plastic dirt . Because of their minute size, microplastics very easily make their way into the meals chain where they “attract impurities similar to a magnet”, thus harming the aquatic life and people who ingest it.

Likely to be probably the most startling and motivating films of the year , A Plastic Ocean is a must-view for all ocean.