The Effects of Oil in Marine Life

Oil spills are detrimental to the marine birds and mammals including fish and shellfish.

Following an oil spill, there are some experts and veterinarians to do something about oiled wildlife. All these experts are trained regarding how to thoroughly clean oil from animals, to rehabilitate them, and bring them back to the environment.

Oil damages the insulating potential of fur-bearing mammals, just like sea otters, along with the water repellency of the bird’s feathers, thereby exposing all these animals to the harmful elements. Without the capability to repel water and insulate themselves from the freezing water, birds and mammals are going to die from hypothermia.

Several birds and animals at the same time swallow oil as they attempt to clean themselves, which could poison them.

Fish and shellfish might not be exposed right away, yet can come in contact with oil whenever it is mixed throughout the water column. Once exposed to oil, older fish might experience a reduction in growth, swollen livers, modifications in the heart and respiration rates, fin abrasion, and reproduction disability. Oil also negatively impacts on eggs and larval survival.