Octopus Jumps out of Water to Attack a Crab!

An Australian lady happened to caught on video an octopus getting an unlucky crab as its noon meal.
Porsche Indrisie stumbled on the crab when she was checking out the pools of Yallingup, Australia.

In the video clip, the crab is chilling out on the border of a tidal pool as an octopus leaps out of the pool and grips the crab.

Porsche said when she initially saw the octopus she assumed it had been a black colored crab.

“I was just so shocked the octopus could jump out of the water that way,” Porsche said.

Watch the video of how the Octopus Jumps out of Water to Attack a Crab!

These creatures are so alien when compared with humans and mammals on the whole. They possess no backbone, or even any bones in any way. They possess 8 legs coated with suction cups. They actually have a hard beak inside their fleshy systems that they normally use to grind crabs along with other crustaceans. They discharge “ink” – a black colored opaque liquid – to conceal itself from would-be bigger animals. They are exceedingly smart. A few have lethal toxic secretion and others possess stunning capability to alter their color and even their form.

A very important factor they do not do is stroll on land. Until recently. Take a look at this video clip of an octopus coming out from the sea to move across the land. Completely odd!