No One Expected this to Happen- A Seal and a Diver Bestfriend

While savoring a scuba diving in the Scilly Isles, this scuba diver encounters the most friendly seal ever! If you look at him it seems he thinks he’s a dog. No One Expected this to Happen- A Seal and a Diver Bestfriend.

Gary Grayson took his journey with the Dive Life team. The seal was not agitated by the close focus and even permitted Mr Grayson to tickle its own tummy.

On his many adventures, he was able to swim with dolphins, crocodiles, and sharks.

But he said that the experience with the seal was his favorite. He said that the almost 3-minute video clip is the souvenir he values the most.

“I’m usually the one with the camera but when I saw everyone had taken a shine to this seal I said “you film, I want a go”.

He added that he had filmed seals before and had them around him but he never met a seal that stayed close to him so close and that friendly.

“It was amazing and something I’ll never forget – I have the video on my phone now and watch it all the time.”