Smartphone as well as tablet innovation has applied to diving. Divers now enjoy a lot of apps to enable them to plan, execute perhaps even practice for their dives.

For newbies who ought to pass certification assessments before they are able to dive freely, a Scuba Exam app (a restricted-feature version is free on iOS and on Android) is an excellent guide.

Novice divers will cherish its brief history of diving, going back to the first diving-bell researches by Guglielmo de Lorena in 1531. It also provides dictionary of the diving terminologies and expressions, moreover you’ll get extra terms with the app’s complete version on iOS as well as Android ($4 each).

However, the app’s ultimate feature is a try out quiz regarding best diving measures, with lots of questions to equip you for your own diving qualification exam. The app is not attractive to look at, nor will it be extremely sophisticated. Yet the simplicity of its actual uncomplicated design is going to be worthwhile to help you renew your expertise in your free time.