Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems

Mesophotic coral ecosystems are situated in the tropical and subtropical areas at depths within the range of almost 100 ft to over 490 ft below the ocean’s surface area. The dominant groups providing structural environment into the mesophotic zone are corals, sponges, or even algae.

Not much is acknowledged or considered about these ecosystems mainly because until just lately, scientific studies were distracted by insufficient technology. The higher limit of the mesophotic coral ecosystems goes with the diving limit for standard scuba diving (130 ft), but is way too shallow and expensive for the majority of deep-diving technologies, which include remotely controlled vehicles and submersibles, to engage in. However, advances in underwater technologies in the past 10 years now ensure it is possible to explore these ecosystems.

Mesophotic coral ecosystems furthermore serve as significant fish habitat for numerous economically and ecologically valuable fish species, which have these areas for spawning, mating, and feeding, including growth to maturity.

Just like the shallower coral ecosystems, mesophotic coral ecosystems consist organisms with specialized immune system to combat predators and bacterial infections. These kinds of specialized immune system often produce compounds which can be used to develop all-natural products that value human health.