Meet the Hot Woman Spearfishing Champion

This is the daring and gorgeous spear-fishing free diver who captures deep sea creatures and even gets rid of octopuses with her plain teeth.

Kimi Werner may hold her breath for an incredible 4 minutes and 45 seconds, enabling her to search creatures beneath the ocean with just a spear along with a knife.

The 35-year-old swimwear babe has actually captured 160lb yellow fin tuna fish in her local Hawaii and consuming the super fresh meals aids Kimi remain in top health and wellbeing.

kimi werner

As much as job descrip­tions proceed, Hawaii’s Kimi Werner has one which virtually any­one in the world would be jealous of. She trav­els the planet explor­ing the deep sea making use of only her fins and a spear­gun as accessories. When she comes home, she store the spear­gun and go for her paint­brush, to make daz­zling paint­ings influenced by her marine envi­ron­ment . On the way she has acquired the title of national spearfish­ing cham­pion, with a few pre­mier spon­sors in the process to help her live the fantasy.

Her atti­tude regarding the ocean is one of inter­con­nected value, and the feel­ing is common by the inhab­i­tants of the deep sea.