Massive and ancient underwater volcanoes discovered

Four massive submerged volcanoes, reckoned to be approximately 50m years old, have already been found off the shoreline of Sydney by a group of researchers who were searching for lobster larvae. These underwater volcanoes discovered weren’t known existed until a team of scientist scanned the area.

The volcano set was noticed through sonar mapping activity of the bottom seafloor by Investigator, the Australia’s brand new ocean-going investigation ship, approximately 250km off the shoreline.

The 4 volcanoes are calderas, huge bowl-shaped craters brought on when a volcano erupts as well as the land around it breaks down. The biggest is 1.5km across the edge and goes up 700m from the sea flooring. The 20km-long volcano grouping is almost 5km undersea.

A marine biologist at the University of NSW, Professor Iain Suthers, claimed the volcano detection was made when the crew was looking for nursery environs for larval lobsters.

“My chin just fell,” Suthers advised Guardian Australia. “I instantly stated, ‘What are they performing there and why didn’t we learn about them before?’ It actually backs up the declaration that we find out more about the facade of the moon than our sea floor.