Marine Creatures Making Unusual Noises

The blue whale, the biggest creature on earth, just happens to be among the loudest creatures in the deep sea. In reality, these massive mammals can produce sounds that attain 188 decibels (48 decibels more louder compared to a jet plane). That is definitely 68 decibels above the pain restriction for the human ear. Researchers think that their sounds can be heard from one end of the sea to the other. Marine creatures making unusual noises that can be very important on their communication and in capturing preys.

If that isn’t incredible enough, then you definitely would be amazed to comprehend that this small snapping shrimp produces more sound compared to blue whales by 30 decibels. The truth is these tiny fellas can render enough sounds that can be noticed for countless miles, they are able to interrupt the sonic frequencies of submarines.

Another amazing creature is the pistol shrimp. They, in fact, transform sound into a rifle utilized to catch its prey.

See how the pistol shrimp shoots a sonic bang to surprise its victim in the video below.

Watch just how the pistol shrimp produces this sonic burst in slow motion in the video clip below.