Maldives Built Underwater Restaurant

An enormous underwater dining place which was constructed in Taranaki has reached its home in the Maldives , where it has been dropped into position beneath the ocean.

The 415-tonne building – the largest of its kind on the planet – was developed by Fitzroy Engineering in Waiwhakaiho and also transported out to small Hurawalhi Island.

The eating venue framework consumed just 19 days to come to the brand new place, in the Indian Ocean, in which was sunk atop piles 8 metres below the surface area.

Maldives Built Underwater Restaurant 2

The building blocks were then stacked filled with concrete to keep the diner constantly in place on the ocean bed.

The work needed to be performed with extraordinary treatment simply because the island is enclosed by coral reefs and the technical engineers failed to want to harm them.

Development officer Adrian van’t Hof, who led the operation and was at the location last week, stated all had went to schedule.