Love Potions From the Sea

A lot of cultures’ folk pharmacopoeias present aphrodisiacs. All these elements do not have enough a reliable Viagra-style impact; they won’t automatically treat any root medical difficulties, either. Irrespective, people believe of their efficiency, possibly because aphrodisiacs can encourage the sensory faculties and the visualization, looking into the pleasure that smell, taste, sights, touch, and fantasies can bring to our libidos.

Here is an example of a fruit of the sea that mankind uses as passion enhancers—and the characteristics that attained each one its passionate standing.

Seal Penises

In conventional Chinese medication, seal schlongs allegedly offer a lift in bed; individuals consume them dry in pill shape or incorporate them with crushed deer and dog members into a mixture known as three-penis wine.


This compound begins extremely un-seductively. Sperm whales create ambergris in their stomach tracts, so when they discharge a new lump (or whenever it’s launched from a decaying carcass, occasionally after having developed so huge that it really destroyed the whale) it stinks fecal.

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