Lobster Diving Season

Lobsters might be captured in fairly shallow waters of roughly 5 or 6 feet, needing only snorkeling equipment. However, it is extremely well-liked for scuba divers also. Lobster Diving Season is one of the most anticipated event by scuba divers in Florida.

The lobster diving time is famous among scuba divers for the relative rate of recurrence of diving incidents that happen. It is often discovered that almost all these situations happen usually at the start of the period.

Lobster Diving Season 2

In contrast to snorkeling, scuba diving equipment includes extra obligations and specifics that need an extra level of planning and consideration on the part of the diver. Maybe the excitement and aggressive dash of lobster diving will make it easier to ignore the demands of correct planning which ends up in greater diving mishaps.

See the video below for some tips how to catch lobsters in Florida Keys.