Learning Critter Diving

Critter diving doesn’t seem like an enjoyable experience. Yet, as soon as you’ve found the critter diving bug, it really is among the most rewarding underwater adventures you could engage in. It’s just like becoming a twitcher– divers attempt to observe and record extraordinary and uncommon species which aren’t on the typical divers fish slates.

The word “critter” includes a huge selection of species– from seahorses to the nudibranchs to frogfish and also shrimp. There is absolutely no exact definition of a critter. Basic characteristics may include: being minute, possessing magnificent camouflage, extremely decorated, odd or ugly features, fantastic colours or perhaps species which do not move a lot. Basically anything that is difficult to notice! Recording unknown marine life behaviour can also be a significant part of critter diving.

The wonderful thing about critter diving is the fact that any dive site may yield weird and marvelous creatures. At any normal dive sites, slowing down and concentrating on smaller things will expose things you certainly not noticed before. Some critter divers check out the same spot repeatedly; different seasons or even times of day can reveal various species and behaviours. The dive sites tend to be somewhat shallow but distance in bottom composition.