The Largest Sea Turtle Ever Recorded

The largest sea turtle is about 550 or 2,000 lbs with measures of around 6 feet, the leatherback is a huge sea turtle! Leatherback sea turtles may be recognized from other types of sea turtle since it lack a tough shell or scales. Rather, leatherbacks are protected with a strong, rubbery skin layers.

The leatherback sea turtles can be found as far northern as Canada and the far northern Pacific Ocean . They are likely to flock in the tropics, nevertheless. Within the America, the leatherback has been known to flock in Puerto Rico, southeast Florida, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.largest sea turtle 2

The leatherback sea turtle nourishes mostly on jellyfish.

The U.S. state organizations have outlined the leatherback in the role of endangered globally. Main threats to the turtles involve unintentional take in industrial fisheries and aquatic pollution, along with the harvest of eggs.