This Lady Freedives with the Great White Shark

OCEAN RAMSEY adores sharks and is exercising her part to alter the perception of people about SHARKS al over the world.

That is correct, Ocean Ramsey has been known as a shark whisperer . In spite of this she is both a model and extremely competent free diver. Additionally, she is a Hawaiian refined scuba trainer.

Ocean is committed to maximize our comprehension about sharks. She claims sharks are in fact shy and scared of us more often than not. Sharks are now being slaughtered because of finning and our indifference to the plight of sharks because of movies such as Jaws.

When questioned if she is the very least bit scared to go swimming with a great white shark. She stated she is a lot more scared to drive on the highway than go swimming with great white sharks. She states this, but cautions that she doesn’t suggest anyone just leaping in.

Watch the following video clip of Ocean Ramsey.