Kelp Forest: A Living Environment

In kelp forests, the most typically seen invertebrates are the bristle worms, the scud, the prawn, the snails, and the brittle stars. All these animals consume the holdfasts that always keep kelp attached to the bottom part of the ocean and the algae which are rich in kelp forests. Sea urchins tend to completely clear off kelp plants by feeding on through their holdfasts. Some other invertebrates seen in kelp forests are the sea stars, the anemones, the crabs, and also jellyfish.

A large number of fish are available in kelp forests, most of these are essential to commercial fishermen. For instance, various kinds of rockfish including black rockfish, blue rockfish, olive rockfish, and also kelp rockfish exist in kelp forests are extremely important to fishermen.

So many marine mammals live in kelp forests for safety and food. Sea lions and seals eat up the fish that dwell in kelp forests. Grey whales have likewise been detected in kelp forests, probably using the forest as being a safe refuge against the predatory killer whale. The grey whale will certainly eat the numerous invertebrates and crustaceans within the kelp forests. Among the most important mammals in the kelp forest is a sea otter, who is taking refuge from sharks and thus storms through these forests. The sea otter feeds the red sea urchin that can potentially ruin a kelp forest in the event that allowed to multiply generously.