Kayak diving is a form of leisure diving exactly where the scuba divers paddle to a scuba diving site in a kayak bringing all their equipment to the spot they desire to dive.

The array may be as much as several kilometres along the coast from the starting point to a location where entry could be tough from the shore, even though the sea is protected. It is a substantially cheaper substitute for making use of a operated boat, along with mixing the encounter of sea kayaking simultaneously.

Kayak diving provides the diver self-reliance from dive boat providers , while enabling dives at sites that are too far to perfectly swim, but are adequately covered.

Your kayak needs to be customized for scuba diving.

Scuba diving from a kayak appears to be taking on reputation recently.

To be able to securely and effectively scuba dive from the kayak will need a few customization to the kayak as described in the following video.