Japan Conducts Deeper Underwater Dives to Search for Tsunami Victims

The coast guard of Japan resumed marine hunts this week for a few of the greater than 2,500 individuals still lost from the 2011 earthquake and also tsunami that ravaged the country’s northeast coastline.

Half a dozen scuba divers moved into Hirota Bay in near-freezing temps the other day in an investigation that was resumed momentarily at the behest of enduring families in the town of Rikuzentakata.

As reconstruction of the disaster-hit area earning pace, parts of the water have been reclaimed for constructing sea walls. Family members worry that the remains of their family members could be concealed permanently.

An overall of 2,561 individuals remain devoid, based on the National Police Agency, as well as more than 200 in Rikuzentakata. Just about 16,000 have been verified killed, taking the expected death toll to greater than 18,000.