James Bond’s Lotus Esprit Submarine is for Sale!

There are numerous of Lotus Esprits on the market that cost you more than $1 million, but that is simply because they require $1 million quantity of labor. However, this Lotus submarine is worth $1 million, but it will never work nor take you on an underwater adventure like what you have seen in the movie. You’ll be buying the props!

The car is a fixed prop that was intended for The Spy Who Loved Me, a pleasant frolic through Europe and also Africa exactly where James Bond teams up with a beautiful Russian spy performed by Barbara Bach to prevent a criminal who desires us all to reside under the sea or anything.

It had been also the introduction of Bond’s Lotus Esprit, an amazing car that converts into a submarine to examine the wicked Carl Stromberg’s submerged infrastructure.

Available on eBay is a non-driving prop vehicle that is a car on one side and a submarine the other side. It was reconditioned by American Restoration and carries a worth of $1 million. It does features a fairly sweet exhibit platform, but that is about it.

Lotus Esprit Submarine 2