Invasive Lion Fish Facts

Let us acknowledge the facts. Lionfish were released into the Atlantic habitat by human beings. Consequently, it gets to be the responsibility of people to thoroughly clean this kind of mess.

Several Facts

Reproduction Lionfish could be very fertile. One single female is able to spawn as much as 24,000 up to 30,000 eggs, every 4 days, year long, amounting to more than 2 million eggs discharged per year.

Venomology Lionfish venom tends to be available within 18 spines particularly in the dorsal, the anal and the ventral fins. Venom is some protein-based neurotoxin and in fact is deactivated by means of heat. The first aid treatment when it comes to the lionfish stings involves cleaning the wounds and then immersing the affected areas in a non-scalding, hot water.

The Predation Lionfish can manage consuming prey more than fifty percent their very own size. They were gape-limited predators, in other words, they consume their prey completely without even chewing and can barely eat whatever may fit into their mouth.