The Invasion of King Crab

Due to Discovery Channel’s well-known «Deadliest Catch» TV show, the red king crab happens to be recognized around the world. Indigenous to the north Pacific, this shielded behemoth has conquered Norwegian waters and is known as a hazardous, unfamiliar species.

The red king crab is among the world’s biggest crustaceans, having a “wingspan” of as much as 1.8 meters (6 ft). After getting distributed by Russian researchers in the oceans and rivers off Murmansk in the 1960s, this creature has penetrated the Norwegian arctic coastline.

When a number of endeavors to move live crabs by train and vehicle directly from the Kamtchatka peninsula – therefore the latin name Paralithodes camtschatica – in the northern Pacific did not succeed, the crabs finally had to be traveled in.

The goal was to produce a practical crab populace for industrial fisheries. It will be safe to say that they were successful – the crab population has skyrocketed since and is measured in millions in the Barents Sea.