Insane Video of an Octopus Capturing a Shark

Well, a massive pacific octopus seems to be the offender to blame for shark carcases within the tank. It seems that the giant pacific octopus continues to be hunting the sharks in the aquarium tank.

The personnel managed to record an incredible video clip of a pacific octopus’s ability to take down sharks. This really is quite remarkable.

Bottom-dwelling octopuses consume primarily polychaete worms, crabs, and some other molluscs like whelks and clams. Open-ocean octopuses consume mostly prawns, fish along with other cephalopods. Many of them inject their victim with a paralysing spittle before dismembering it into little bits with their beaks.

The Octopuses eat shelled molluscs often by utilizing force, or perhaps by digging a gap in the covering, inserting a secretion into the gap, and then removing the soft organs of the mollusc.

Huge octopuses also have been proven to capture and slaughter some types of sharks. Seabirds also have been reported as a target.

Watch this awesome video of a dogfish shark captured down by an octopus.