Innovative Invention -Full Face Mask

OCEAN REEF, pioneer in the industry of Full Face Mask scientific knowledge, with their very own Integrated Diving Mask Systems (IDM), after formulating the ‎first ever full face snorkeling mask about 2 years ago, right now offers the greatest success in the water experiencing products world, are glad to show off for the very first time ever their most recent crown jewel.

The OCEAN REEF Neptune Series offers an innovative try the full face mask. They provide fantastic visual areas, excellent ease and comfort, dependability, outstanding safety, toughness, They as well are user-friendly!

full face mask ocean reef neptune

Regardless of whether you are an expert or professional diver, or simply an individual who appears like choosing the sports activity of scuba diving; the company has a mask customized only for you!

The Neptune Space is the hottest and state-of-the-art mask in the Neptune Line. It has been produced with specialized experience acquired through a decade of full face mask production.