India Underwater Restaurant Opens

India features its very first underwater restaurant in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The restaurant called Real Poseidon provides extraordinary dining experience 20 ft below the ground level surrounded with exquisite scenery of aquatic species.

An article in The Indian Express says that February will see Amdavadis enjoy a brand new destination to surface their palates, through this underwater restaurant getting its own path into the city’s culinary scene.

Restaurant owner Bharat Bhatt notified that he thought about the idea of establishing an underwater restaurant because of his son, adding that he happens to be dealing with this project for 2 years.

India Underwater Restaurant Opens 2

The 32-seater restaurant opens up its doors to diners on the 1st day of February and offers a kind of culinary experience exactly like no other. As stated in reports, Real Poseidon is constructed 20 ft below the ground level and provides all its diners a view of more than 4000 species of fish all over it.

The menus at Real Poseidon offer a wide selection of cuisines that includes Indian, Thai, Chinese and Mexican. But, the only fish found at the restaurant are those seen while dining. The restaurant only provides all-vegetarian dining experience.