Incredible Encounter With Orcas

While away for a dive at Little Barrier in New Zealand, a group of Orcas arrived playing past these fortunate divers! They witnessed them twice as they simply did laps of the small island, searching stingray in the shallows. The grownups weren’t as intrigued as the calves, who moved in for some near gazes!

diving with orcas new zealand 2

The killer whale/orca (Orcinus orca) can be identified fairly quickly by its unique black and white imprints and quite tall, notable dorsal fin. They may develop to 9 m in length, with male dorsal fins attaining more than a metre.

Orca are the most extensively dispersed mammal on the planet other than humans. Their distribution is scraggy nevertheless and it is much more generally observed at the poles and in chilly waters.

They favor much deeper water but come in shallow bays and also estuaries and in inland waters.