Humongous Squid Caught on Camera

Think about the great shock at viewing a 12-foot long giant squid swimming at a pier, as a lot of fortunate people did at Toyama Bay in main Japan just recently.

It’s not on a daily basis that you get to observe a massive squid while scuba diving, and it’s also more unusual to spot one above the water. Usually, and unfortunately, the only sight of these extraordinary creatures we only observe is in Youtube clip of a lifeless sample being transported onto a vessel.

However, a diver known as Akinobu Kimura seen it up close underwater.

The operator of Diving Shop Kaiyu was able to go swimming near to the squid and finally directed it back out of the pier into the open sea. Take a look at his awesome up-close Humongous Squid Caught on Camera video clip footage of the awesome creature.