The High-Pressure (HP) Tanks confine more air, minimize ballast, boost bottom time, and also come in are lesser and way more comfortable compared to Aluminum tanks.

HP Tanks are available in different sizes, such as HP 80, HP 100, HP 119, HP 120, and the HP 130. We are going to use HP 80 and HP 100 presented below as good examples to demonstrate exactly why High-Pressure tanks are the optimum tank for scuba divers.

The full fill at 3,442 psi on a HP steel 80 will in fact supply you with 81 cubic ft of gas volume over the full Aluminum 80’s 77.4 cubic ft of gas. More gas means increased bottom time. A HP steel 80 is likewise a couple of pounds lighter as compared to an aluminum 80 and close to 6 in shorter, so this means the tank that’s packing a lot more gas may also be an infinitely more compact package that rides even more comfortably on your back.

But most importantly, the HP steel 80’s buoyancy properties simply can’t be surpass. At 9 lbs negative buoyancy whenever full and 3 lbs negative buoyancy if empty, the properly-weighted diver shifting from an aluminum 80 into a HP steel 80 is able to theoretically take 6 lbs off his or even her weight system. In a sport where the minimizing ballast carries a direct impact on your comfort, movability and over-all enjoyment in the water, this really is major.