Haunting Images of Scuba Diver in the River Under the Sea

Immersed in deep water, among the last stuff a diver may anticipate to discover 90ft below the surface area is a River Under the Sea scene.

However, that is precisely what is waiting for those daring enough to dive and explore in Mexico’s Cenote Angelita.

The eerie scenery of swirling cloud seems like a moving river in the heart of the cave, filled with plants rising from the surface.

The occurrence is only able to be viewed personally by incredibly experienced scuba divers who can deal with discovering the zones of the 180ft hole.

For individuals who are not, professional photographer Anatoly Beloshchin shot his expedition of the cenote – a cave produced by the crash of limestone bedrock which then simply floods with water – to display the emotion of the instance the river arrives into view.

Angelita , which reads as ‘little angel’, is situated about a 10-minute travel from the Maya city Tulum, on the eastern coastal area of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

Cenotes were commonly used by the Mayan traditions and Angelita has definitely preserved its mystique to the modern day.

For the 1st 90ft of the plunge, explorers are floating around through fresh water with a transparent view of the interior of their natural environment before the ‘river’ emerges below.

The gloom is definitely a dense coating of hydrogen sulfide, just about 6ft deep, which is due to the clash between the fresh water near the top of the cave along with the salt water that floods the bottom part.

river UNDER the sea 1

river UNDER the sea 2

river UNDER the sea 3

river UNDER the sea 4