Why is Green Turtle Green?

The name of a green sea turtle comes from the turtle’s greenish-colored fats.

Adult green turtles are generally herbivores, meaning they consume only plants which include seagrasses and the algae. This particular diet is believed to let them have the greenish-colored fat, thus a name, green turtle.

The Green turtles mainly adopt 3 kinds of habitat– the beaches for nesting, the open ocean convergence zones being juveniles, and the coastal areas meant for benthic feeding being adults. Within the U.S. Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico waters, some green turtles can be found in inshore as well as nearshore waters from Texas towards Massachusetts, U.S. Virgin Islands, and even Puerto Rico. Throughout the eastern North Pacific, the green turtles have often been seen from Baja California to southern Alaska, but a majority commonly are found south of San Diego. Likewise, in the central Pacific, the green turtles are available around most of the tropical islands, which includes the Hawaiian Islands.