Getting Energy from the Ocean

The Wave Carpet will occupy the seafloor, imitating the natural muddy bottom, in fact, it is proven to detract from the energy of the surface waves. A carpet is made of a sheet of rubber (to be replaced with a more durable material in the future) that is located over the grid of hydraulic pumps. While the rubber carpet goes down and up in the midst of the waves, it pumps those cylinders, generating hydraulic pressure that happens to be transformed into power.

Part of the main advantages of the wave carpet when compared to some other ways to obtain ocean power “is that it operates completely submerged,” a graduate researcher Marcus Lehmann explained to the MST through an email. It “causes no hazard for mammal entanglement, ships on the surface or swimmers.” And considering that it’s totally submerged, it isn’t affected by storms and also wouldn’t interfere with anyone’s sight.