Gentle Giants-Swimming with the Manatees

Even though manatee populations are increasing because of solid preservation, they are still a near extinction species and seriously guarded. These types of gentle giants were once sought after to close to annihilation. Florida is a virtual paradise for Manatees and also Crystal River Florida is the solely location left where you are allowed to go swimming with manatees.

Manatees are very welcoming and delicate giants as validated by Coyote Pete down this page video clip. Within this clip he takes an incredible swim with the magnificent Florida Manatees.

A flourishing community of Manatees spend time in Crystal River. This really is because of its many pure springs. These kinds of springs offer a supply of warmth (luke warm water) in the course of the winter months. Additionally, the Crystal River as well as guarded viewing areas like Kings Spring for swimming together with the Manatees in close to excellent clear water.

Watch the following online video of these people as they swim with these gentle giants.