Fluorescent Night Diving And Underwater Vehicles

What Do Fluorescent Night Diving And Underwater Vehicles Have In Common?

In case you have dived that open sea off Hawaii or even Tahiti during the night time, you might have perhaps seen it: a shining, segmented line that seems to be one single animal yet is absolutely many creatures performing its function together, collectively called siphonophores.

At present scientists intend beyond the stunning beauty of these kinds of “multi-engine organizations” and looking into whether their exclusive technique of propulsion could alter the way we layout underwater craft for upcoming future.

The results suggest according to a research, perhaps it is feasible to design a certain undersea transportation that, similar to N. bijuga, twirls while it moves, propelled using front-to-back thrusters, “a natural solution to multi-engine organization that might contribute to the expanding field of underwater-distributed propulsion-vehicle design,” the research concludes.