Fish Photobombs Marriage Proposal

A sophisticated marriage proposal performed at Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium ended up being even more unforgettable because of an unbelievable aquatic photobomb. Fish Photobombs!

Reddit member McYay traveled to the aquarium’s Ray Bay display on Monday with her sweetheart, ignorant she was treading directly into an intricate proposal plan.

“The host requested 2 volunteers to have a game and they chosen us to go up,” she have written on Reddit. “We have selected, the game is designed for him to attempt identifying a stingray and me make sure to presume which type.

“The hosts requires me for my reply and said the name of the solely stingray from the exhibit I can bear in mind . Host woman says I can change direction and check for myself and then tadaaaa.”

Not just did 1 attention-hungry ray hinder the “Will you marry me” sign, it appeared to entice some buddies, who mutually disrupted with every photograph attempt.

“I used the subsequent 10 minutes sobbing and giggling simultaneously,” she stated.

Not to mention she did say yes, even though she couldn’t look at the sign.

As a reaction to Global’s news, the aquarium replied that the stingray was unapologetic regarding its blocking.