Fish Characteristics Similar to Humans

Recent research from the University of Lincoln reveals that many fishes choose to swim along with other fishes that consume the same food, than just swim with fellow members of their very own species.

Researchers, directed by Tanja Kleinhappel, a PhD researcher in the School of Life Sciences, discovered various three-spined sticklebacks and also nine-spined sticklebacks from the wild. In normal situations, both of these species inhabit the same location and at times swim together (shoal). So that you can figure out how food affects group structures, the experts altered their diets in manipulated environments.

If both species were positioned in the same group then fed several types of food, the three-spined sticklebacks were usually join fish that consumed the same food like they did, despite of the species. But, when all fish were provided the same food, the three-spined sticklebacks exhibited no preferences for their very own species.