Feather Duster Worms Emerge

In Earth Touch’s Wild Oceans station, Mark Thorpe has caught a number of attractive video footage of feather duster worms (Sabellidae sp.) coming out from their tubes to be able to get some food and nourishment from the water. The worms have a plume of eating appendages called radioles that catch plankton in the water around the creature.

Feather duster worms might not sound elegant but these underwater species is sometimes quite gorgeous, with lengthy, moving appendages of reddish, green,  greyish, orange, or other hues. These types of flowery tops are in reality groups of branched tentacles connected to the sides of their heads and are important to the worms’ existence. Feather duster worms can be situated on their own or in sets, usually combining with other forms of sea creatures like coral, other aquatic worms and anemones.