Fearless Diver Touched and Trained a 1-ton Shark

Stop thinking about the mild foxtrot or perhaps the slow-moving waltz, this daredevil scuba diver has trained a 1-ton shark to pirouette on his hand.

Fearless Diver Eli Martinez, from Texas, taught the lethal predator – known as Emma – to approach him to execute the spectacular shark spin.

To help make the amazing stunt achievable, the 44-year-old diver cuddles the shark’s nose – just inches off from her likely deadly jaws.Eli Martinez trained a shark

The refined stroking movement loosens up the predator, enabling Eli to raise Emma up in the water until her strong framework is top to bottom.

Eli allows the world’s 2nd most harmful shark execute a 180-degree rotation on his hand before she can swim off in the water.