Why Your Eyes Go Red Underwater?

Well, this will make us think that our whole life appears to have been a lie…

Except if you have used goggles since the first day, you would realize that after swimming occasionally your eyes may go a bit red.

Initially, we assumed it was the pools substances.

But it seems that it’s not chlorine that causes our eyes hurt and modify color, it’s really the sweat and also urine.

Umm what ?

‘Chlorine adheres with everything it’s attempting to kill from your bodies, and it shapes these chemical allergens. That’s what’s burning your eyes. It’s the chlorine merging to the urine as well as sweat’

So the very next time your eyes are painful after a day at the pool… you might want to obtain a few extra showers… or perhaps get a bit of eye drops!

Oh, and if you feel that public swimming pools will change color if a person urinates inside them?

It’s completely a myth… they initiated that to stop folks from urinating in the swimming pool

This just will keep worsening and uglier.