Enjoying the Sea Lion Cove

It had been a tedious day. After a couple of dives around Los Coronados islands, away from the coast of California, we were experiencing boat trouble. In the meantime, the passengers were being restless and willing to simply call it quits, neglecting our third dive.

At last, after an hour or perhaps two, the crew managed to get the engine functioning again. Reluctantly, just about half the boat made a decision to take the third dive at the sea lion cove. Moving around the little island, we notice the cove, as well as approximately a hundred California Sea Lions all over it! After we pulled up, they began playing into the water by hordes, while leaving the babies right up on the rocks, cheering their moms on.

To mention a sea lion resembles an energized puppy is an understatement. All these undoubtedly love having fun with scuba divers. Darting in all directions, even nipping at us slightly, we were carried away by their volumes. We hardly submerged for the dive, as there wasn’t a great deal to discover at the bottom, and so enjoying the sea lions from the surface just had to be more desirable than whatever we’d see below.