Do Mermaids Exist?

Mermaids – half-fish, half-human sirens of the ocean — are mythical sea creatures chronicled in marine traditions ever since time immemorial. The medieval Greek epic poet Homer have written of those in The Odyssey. In the historical Far East, mermaids were the spouses of dangerous sea-dragons, and functioned as dependable messengers between their partners and the emperors on terrain. The aboriginal folks of Australia refer to mermaids

The aboriginal folks of Australia refer to mermaids yawkyawks – a term that may denote their spellbinding melodies. During that time, Mermaids exist on tales and stories of seafarers which passed from person to person.

The perception in mermaids might have arisen at the very dawning of our kind. Enchanting female characters first occur in cave art paintings in the last Paleolithic (Stone Age) time period several 30,000 years ago, as modern day humans acquired authority over the land and, most likely, started to sail the deep seas.

Half-human life forms, known as chimeras , as well proliferate in myths — along with mermaids, there have been clever centaurs, crazy satyrs , and terrible minotaurs, to list a few.

However are mermaids real? Absolutely no proof of aquatic humanoids has actually been discovered. Exactly why, then , can they inhabit the collective unacquainted of almost all seafaring individuals? That’s an issue best left to philosophers, historians,  and anthropologists.