Divers Explored the Submerged Soviet Prison in Rummu

Rummu, Submerged Soviet Prison, is a little borough situated in far northern Estonia right in the town of Vasalemma Parish, Harju District. Regardless of being very small, Rummu happens to be concealing an enormous mystery that visitors, particularly the wreck scuba divers, will cherish — the mysterious Rummu underwater prison.

The Submerged Soviet Prison was considered to be a portion of a Soviet dungeon long ago in 1938, called Murru Prison. Furthermore, there’s a limestone quarry in close proximity exactly where the prisoners were compelled to mine in by the Russian soldiers. After Estonia’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and the need for mining reduce, the quarry was left behind. The discharging of water was ceased and this had brought on the quarry to be stuffed with natural water which afterwards made it referred to as the “blue lagoon”.

The deserted quarry was overflowed. Equipment and machines useful for exploration sunk; along with the structures and hangars that are included to Murru jail. The boundary of the dungeon reduced to eliminate the “blue lagoon”. After many years, the prison’s closed down section shortly became unseen — except if you go submerged.Submerged Soviet Prison

Scuba diving is a guaranteed gift for the visitors who discover thrill in discovering underwater ruins. Make sure to have some historic understanding of the Rummu underwater prison before being all pumped up to dive-in to help make your submerged adventure much more fascinating.


(Source: http://whenonearth.net)