Divers Amazed by a Massive Sunfish

Incredible video footage of a hefty Sunfish off the shoreline of Portugal, splashing by a few extremely fortunate scuba divers! These divers were amazed by a massive sunfish that swims past them.

A gargantuan sunfish was caught in this exceptional footage by professional photographer Miguel Pereira off the shore of Portugal. The large creature checks out the scuba divers as it is swimming past.

Miguel Pereira sunfish 2

The sluggish fish and crystal clear water enable some breathtaking close-ups of this awesome creature.

Pereira said that a few days before that day, his digital camera was ruined when the underwater casing flooded. The unfortunate event was rewarded when scuba diving with a GoPro he noticed the massive sunfish almost at surface area level and almost still. The sunfish appeared not to be concerned by their occurrence at all and shadowed them for 15 minutes.