Diver Having his Teeth Cleaned Underwater

So you have journeyed midway around the globe just to realize you have forgotten your own toothbrush at your home.

In the event that your getaway is Hawaii, it won’t be any trouble, there is help available – underwater. On this Island, it is possible to have your Teeth Cleaned Underwater!

The diver on this video clip, uploaded on Vimeo by marine professional photographer Timothy Ewing, tells you ways to thoroughly clean your mouth under the ocean – with a bit of aid from a nearby creature.

Scuba diving in the warm waters in close proximity to the Kona region, he takes away the mouthpiece of his breathing device and opens up his mouth fully.Teeth Cleaned Underwater

A cleaner shrimp, a decapod crustacean that washes other creatures of parasitic organisms, comes into his mouth for around 15 seconds to lend it an excellent clean before backing out once again.

Such was executed by a skilled diver, we don’t suggest that you try this on your own.

Take a look at the video in the player below.