Diver Attacked by Humboldt Squid

Should there be any specific squid you have to identify, it will be the Humboldt squid. These are very hostile as this scuba diver finds out.

Humboldt squid are likewise called jumbo squid, however, they only grow to around 7 feet long and also weigh 100 lbs. They also possess a brief life duration of roughly 1 year.

Humboldt squid reside in deep waters and look for food close to the surface area throughout the night time. Humboldt dwell in groups known as shoals that will have as much as around 1200 squid.Diver Attacked by Humboldt Squid 2

These types of squid are recognized to be very hostile when it comes to their target which is usually krill and

little fish situated close to the surface. Nevertheless, when food is rare they do display a distinctive form of cannibalism in which they will consume other squid in their very own shoal. What exactly do you first thought they might carry out to a scuba diver?

On his very first scuba exploration with Humboldts, this diver was fiercely assaulted and mauled by them. Astonishingly he managed to record his scuba experience in the video clip on the video below.