Discovering Island Garden City of Samal

Island Garden City of Samal (IGacoS) actually is a group of islands within the center of Davao Gulf. It is also physically unattached towards mainland Mindanao. This island is 900 metres east of Davao City and just 10 kms west of Compostela Valley Province. There are 2 major Islands in IGacoS, the Samal Island and the Talikud Island which have been located at the Southern point. Some other smaller Islands such as Malipano, the Big Liguid and the Little Liguid are likewise belonging to the city.

For the scuba diving enthusiasts, Talikud and perhaps Ligid Islands are perfect dive sites where a dive through the depths will definitely bring out vibrant underwater scenery with the jaw-dropping tropical marine lives. A 150-hectare Coral Garden & Marine Reservation Park situated in Talikud, as well as the Aundanao Fish Sanctuary provide an alternative treat for diving and snorkeling buffs.

Apart from its own underwater garden, Samal even offers a selected botanical garden and nature’s park. Within Barangay Bandera, the 11.5-hectare government-owned local park with more than 100 species of trees as well as flower gardens is anticipated to be the safe haven for nature lovers.

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