Important DYI: Defog Your Mask

A mask is among the vital, and personal, bits of scuba diving gear you own since it enables you to investigate with your eyes. You desire a high-quality mask that suits you well and provides you with the best viewing spot possible, as you don’t want to overlook anything underwater.

I definitely never forget the first time I wear a scuba diving mask and journeyed for a dive in the underwater. I had been in wonderment at all of the awesome life forms and wildlife and colorations! Nevertheless, if someone hadn’t informed me some extraordinary ‘tricks’ on how to set up my scuba mask before leaping in, my perspective beneath the ocean might have been observed by means of a fading fog.

As you realize, your scuba mask is your windowpane into this breathtaking world, so you might want to make sure that it is in best shape for 100% pure submerged satisfaction! The video below will teach how to defog your mask for you to have a clear view of the underwater world.

Defog Your Mask